Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Ok, I've been slacking with the posts lately, but I have been really busy with a project for my realm Ebonhold. We are coming to the close of it and then we just need to sit back and watch the rewards. I would tell you all about it but it is still top secret!

Other than that, I just passed by proficiency as an Entered Apprentice Mason, which was really cool. And I've been watching a lot of Red Dwarf on DVD. For those who know what that is, then you know who smeggin' great it is. For those who don't, it is a Britcom show from the late 80's - 90's that is really funny if you like that sort of thing!

I'm also re-reading some of Terry Pratchett's books. So I'm into the whole Britcom thing lately. Which I didn't realize until just now. Despite any hereditary prejudice I may have for them, they do produce some funny material.

I won't promise that I will post regularly, but I'll try.

Friday, March 17, 2006

St. Patricks Day

It's St. Patricks Day! The one of many days a year I get to listen to people tell me they are Irish. To celebrate it, I went to the kids classes and told them the story of St. Patrick and a few other mythology stories. About half way through the telling of the Patrick tale, I realized that it really is a crappy story. In a nutshell: Patrick was abducted as a child, sold into slavery, abused for many years, escaped, became a Bishop, returned to Ireland to teach Christianity. I'm kind of feeling a little worried that the kids are going to have nightmares tonight about being kidnapped and sold into slavery.

Other than that, I didn't do anything 'special'. I wore green to the talk this morning, but took it off once I got home. Wearing green is an American invention, along with green beer and corned beef and cabbage. And now I'm at work, being a typical government employee.

In Ireland right now, thousands upon thousands of my kith and kin are getting drunk off non-green alcohol, using the day as another excuse to consume as much booze as their bodies can safely and sometimes not safely contain. So, to one and all, Happy St. Patricks Day!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


What is it with the game Risk that makes people so pissed off with each other?! I remember playing it with friends when I was younger and someone being mad at someone else for weeks, all because they were attacked and lost.

Last night, the whole family played Risk. It has been sometime since we have done this because of one kid or another getting upset, crying and leaving the table. We were playing a simplified version that my wife and kids came up with, it was a lot of fun. The boy was being a little too aggressive and spreading himself a little too thin while everyone was playing defensively. Despite our warnings, he was attacking everyone and so as a result was the target of everyone. He was being very lucky with his dice rolls and kept most of us at bay.

We were all having fun, slinging trash talk around the table. It wasn't until one of the boys continents was broken up before he became sullen. When another one was broken he started to cry and left the room. We played on, someone rolling for him. After a round or two he came back a little embarrassed at his outburst and played on.

After the time set aside was up, we tallied the score and my wife won. The first time she ever has at Risk. So congrats babe!

Monday, March 13, 2006

The World, Dubai

I just typed out a long post about how I was going to win the lotto and buy a piece of the world. Then I would only allow people who were nice to me to come and visit me there. Of course the world I am refering to is The World, Dubai.

Pity my computer froze before I hit publish...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cold Sores

It is not very often that I get them, maybe once every two years, but today I have a cold sore. It was slowly forming for the last two days, so I did what I usually do when something bad might happen. I hoped that it wouldn't!

I just googled home remedies for it and after wading through a lot of weirdness, I've selected one strange remedy for myself. Lysol. I'm going to soak a Q-tip in it and dab my face every two hours. Will it work? I have no idea, but I'll keep you all updated

Thursday, March 09, 2006

My dog

Ok, the title is misleading since I have two of them, but for now I'm going to talk about Dog #1 aka Madra. First off, Madra is Irish for none other than... dog. So, I think I should earn a few dork points on that one. Getting back on track, she is a beagle/lab mix and if you don't know what that looks like, well tough luck 'cause I'm not posting a picture.

I'm blogging about her for the simple reason that she likes to sneeze on me, and this morning I finally got revenge. While I was surfing she came and stood right next to me, and since I'm a little sneezy this morning anyway, I thought to muster one up and let it ripe. Bam! Right in the her little up-turned expecting face. Then, an encore. Bam! Didn't even phase her.

That's it. My first post about a dog. No funny and cute little story about what she did or any of that happy horse shit. Just one of me sneezing in her face. I rock!

Monday, March 06, 2006

A few very random thoughts

I've been blogging for 17 days... I hate pop ups... I wish I had my own personal nuclear fallout shelter... I don't like 'crispy'... I keep getting emails for erectile dysfunctional pills and I don't know if I should take it as an omen or not... Memorization in Masonry is not as easy as it appears to be... my dog Cailin went to the vet today to get some shots... Lewis Black really is funny... In all the sci-fi flicks the aliens all have cool powers, what if when we finally encounter some other alien species it is use who have the cool power. Maybe opposable thumbs... I don't like driving behind slow drivers... I like Arby's... Did you ever imagine what John Lenon asked you too? I did... I'm going to have mashed potatoes for dinner. I really make good mashed potatoes... Who really says poTATo?... In all those competitions where someone becomes the best person at doing something in an area. Is it really fair to say that? What if not everyone in that area entered the competition?... Touching fish freaks me out...

Jon Stewart at the Oscars

Jon Stewart is great. I love his work, his stand up, The Daily Show. Maybe he shouldn't act as much, but that isn't here nor there! He was fantasic when he ripped into the hosts of Crossfire and he was fantasic with all his quips last night at the Oscars.

The guy is a comic genius, no doubt about it. I've only watched the Oscars for two years, this one and last. And out of Chris Rock and Jon Stewart, I would say that Jon did the better performance. This might be because I like Jon's material more than Chris's, but then that is my opinion and this is my blog and I can say what I want!

Quick Note: What is up with Tsotsi winning best Foreign Pic? Paradise Now was sooo much better. I call Shenanigans!